3 Traits Successful People have


In my 10+ years in the IT industry I have come across many successful individuals.  I started about 5 years ago trying to understand some of the common factors for their success. I am often asked how have you become successful in your career?  I believe this is the 3 traits successful people have:

1) Passion

  • Love what you do – It could take many attempts, but you will know once you find it
  • Serve others, not just yourself – listen and focus on others ; Build Trust; Empower others
  • Creating Winning Situations – that benefit all parties involved when possible

2) Energy

  • Persistence- through the good and bad, give yourself goals to push yourself
  • Work Hard – Its will take time and effort, it cannot be handed to you, embrace competition
  • Improve Yourself – Every year you should be getting better, never settle for status quo

3) Idea’s

  • Learn from failures – Builds character, shows true colours to others
  • Take time to think forward – Take chances, find ways to embrace creativity
  • Focus your energy- Apply the 80/20 rule; focus your knowledge and experience broadly but build subject matter expertise in a specific area

Typically Hard Work Will top talent.  The most successful careers have a combination of both the traits and talent .  The good news is you can learn the traits over time, I have seen it first hand and seen it transform careers over time


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