Own the Room

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Presentations are a constant part of our daily business lives.  A good presentation could mean the difference between a new opportunity gained, making a sale or landing that new job. Presenting and developing decks is an art form in itself and it can take years to get good at it.

Here are some brief yet important considerations to make an effective presentation.

  • Have one clear intention – Be Specific and establish one clear intention
  • Persuade don’t educate
  • Gauge success – During the presentation use a question to ensure the audience is understanding the idea and paying attention
  • Know what the audience wants and give it to them – Do prep work before the presentation “always be prepared”, in some occasions presentations can become hi-jacked and you must listen and adapt if need be
  • Roles – Play a specific role during the presentation here are some examples
    • The Mobilizer – You are here to rally the troops, ensure eyes are the prize, providing the Big picture perspective
    • The Seasoned Veteran – You can predict future based on experience
    • The Motivator – You stimulate the audience to action to change, get better, achieve a result
    • The Trusted Advisor  – You are the trusted advisor that is providing a recommendation
    • The Facilitators – You are a facilitator that grounds vision to reality
  • Opening – The opening of your presentation (first 30-60 seconds) must grab attention and keep it
  • Stories of own experiences works much better then facts and stats
  • Present with confidence and Authority – Don’t make no apologies, or come across as not knowledgeable or confident in the message
  • The Close -at the end of the presentation provide a recap, end with conviction and a call to action – be simple and direct
  • Lasting impact– If you Open and Close end well, the middle will be forgiven
  • Physical grammar is important – Pay attention to your movement, the audience will
  • Decks (Powerpoint) – doesn’t give presentations, you do. But please be aware of the following:
    • Presentations should be visual, concise, one message, per slide
    • Not overly wordy – Be economical with what you emphasize,
    • Poor visuals come off as low standards, and not paying attention to detail
    • Be Consistent with fonts, bullets, styles. Use a template to make it easier

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