4 Hour WorkWeek

4-Hour-Work-Week - Copy

I recently completed reading the 4 Hour Workweek. The book outlines principles and explores how to really enjoy your life and do what you want to do right now, not 10, 20, 30 years from now.

The book will teach:

  • Maximizing your time at work;
  • Automating your business;
  • Eliminating all distractions (i.e. millions of emails, unnecessary meetings, etc.)
  • Working remotely and living remotely on a budget
  • Outsourcing any task that is feasible to a virtual assistant.

Make it a goal to strive for one of the following three goals.

  1. 4 hour work week – Fully Automated income, Outsourced task and work, Freedom achieved!
  2. 20 hour workweek – 80/20 prioritization rules applied, some income automation in place and outsourcing utilized.
  3. 40 hour work week – Put can put into practice the time management and prioritization into your workday that will help in maintaining focus with the increasing number of things we have pulling us in many directions in this information age.
  • A Cartoon Courtesy of AustinKleon.com
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    Why not strive to accomplish all of your work goals, all the while accomplishing your personal goals as well.


    4 responses to “4 Hour WorkWeek

    1. Easily one of my favorite books. I recommend picking it up on audio book and listening to it at least ones a month if you are an entrepreneur. What was your biggest take away from the book?

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