Five Presentation Mistakes Everyone Makes

A couple weeks back a post on “Owning the room” – important considerations to make an effective presentation.

Now it time for five of the most common, mistakes in making a presentation.

1. Failing to engage emotionally.

  • You risk losing your audience when you just “state the facts,”
  • open with a story your audience can relate to
  • including analogies that make your data more meaningful.


  • If you’re requesting funding to pay for cloud storage, for instance, start by asking, “Why do we need cloud storage?”
  • Your answer may be something like “To reduce time to market, reduce overhead costs, and ongoing costs”

2. Busy slides and Reading

  • PowerPoint can be a great tool but Problems crop up when you put to much into a slide deck.
  • Don’t project an entire document when you speak. No one wants to attend a presentation like this

3. Tired visuals.

  • Nothing gets eyes a-glazing like tired overused visuals, aim for originality.


  • Low quality and attention to consistency to formatting, visuals will make the presentation look sloppy
  • Use consistent formatting and take the time to create original , crisp visuals

4. Speaking in jargon and using acronyms

  • Ever listened to a presenter who sounded super-smart without having any idea what they really said?
  • Use words that will resonate with those whose support and influence you must earn.
  • Avoid highly technical or industry-specific language’ avoid acronyms when possible


  • Consider if your presentation passes the “grandmother test”: If your grandmother wouldn’t understand what you’re talking about, rework your message

5. Going over your allotted time.

  • Treat the time slot assigned to you as sacred.
  • People in your audience will never scold you for ending early, but they certainly will for ending late.
  • people have a 30- to 40-minute presentation tolerance

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