Becoming a Time Master

Becoming a time master is today becoming a requirement in today’s work force if you are looking to succeed.  A reality is that People are working longer hours at work and spending less time for themselves

There are many motivations for wanting to becoming a time master.
  • To succeed at the current role within many organizations requires multitasking and priority management abilities
  • Perhaps you want to accomplish more in the same amount of time?
    • You can then decide what you want to do with that extra time – take on more work that could grow your career or have more time for yourself, friends and family

Imagine what you could do with an extra two hours a day?


In my career thus far I have typically selected to take on more work when I have became more efficient with my time.  This decision has  been an asset to my career, but its a personal decision.

Here are some Metric’s about my own job to give you a sense of the time demands I face:

  • On Average 280 emails a day
  • On Average 7000 emails a month
  • On Average 10  meetings a day
  • On Average 250 meetings a month

I think the above is a reflection also of inefficient work environment but that is a topic for another day

At my current organization I am considered a time master how how I have been able to handle these demands while continuing to be successful. I have been asked to be the case study to create a program on time management within the organization.   Here is a brief summary from the “masters”


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